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Kaštieľ Pálffy
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Kaštieľ Pálffy
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The love story comes to life

Katarína Pálffy and Štefan Ilešházi experienced long separations and difficult trials during their lives, but their love always remained strong and fresh as in the beginning. The beautiful love story of Katarína and Štefan now comes to life again in the courtyard of the Pálffy Manor House, where they stand side by side, as during their lives. Štefan with a sabre in his hand, a symbol of their strong affection, which also overcame all separations, and Catherine with a hand fan, a symbol of the fresh breeze that was always present in their relationship. And the legend says that everyone who comes to the statues of our patrons and strokes the sabre and the hand fan, their love will always remain just as strong and full of life.


WEDDINGS AT Manor house Pálffy

Have your own romantic saga written
into the history of Manor house Pálffy

Do you want your wedding to be as if it were from the pages of a romantic renaissance story?

Feel like you are a member of noble clans and get your common future entwined with the past of Manor house Pálffy.

We will take care of, and provide unforgettable moments for Newly-Weds, as well as for all the guests at the wedding party, so your memories will always resonate when recalling the grandiose celebration of your big day, along with the delicious culinary wedding feast.

Do not let anything from your big day to happen by coincidence, rather, place your trust and expectations into the professional hands of experts in gastronomy and organisers of high-class services.


Unforgattable conferences and events, that will go
down in history

From closely-knit business meetings to grand company events with the capacity of up to 800 guests. The rooms at Manor house Pálffy will meet the needs even for those with high-end expectations. Thanks to genius loci, professional planning, and creativity, we build experiences not only for the attendees but also for the organizers.

The great room Pro Rege et Patria and conference rooms offer various and elegant possibilities where the history is combined with high-tech modern equipment. On top of that, your event can be bejeweled by a unique culinary experience.

Elegant premises of the Manor house from the 16th century have been thoughtfully reconstructed and they combine historical features with high quality and functionality

The premises are close to the capital Bratislava and the Airport of M. R. Štefánik (only 15 km)

The interior capacity is up to 400 people, the exterior capacity is up to 800 people

In the car park, close to the Manor house, there are 50 places

GASTRONOMY AT Manor house Pálffy

Manor house Pálffy – entering the world of
tastes and culinary experiences

The past of Manor house Pálffy was always connected with the production of wine for centuries to which we are now reconnecting by marrying the historical production of wine with gastronomic art. We are complementing all of this with the production of craft beer.

Dive into our world of tastes, which offers a cuisine rich in Austro-Hungarian culture and specialities with the spirit of modern fine dining. Enjoy excellent gourmet menus and the atmosphere that the clan of Habsburgs and Pálffys were experiencing.

Try the treasures from our wine cellars together with the traditional cuisine as a harmony of extravagant culinary combinations with a modern twist.

Any gourmet can choose from the gastronomic spectrum of Manor house Pálffy.

Fine dining mastery

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Relish the flavours of Austro-Hungarian

Palatín tavern

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