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Kaštieľ Pálffy
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It is 1592 and the manor house in Svätý Jur is full of laughter and turmoil. Katarina with her husband Štefan Ilešházi and their guests cheerfully feast over plates full of food, washed down with delicious famous St. Georges wine.

More than 400 years later, a mixture of aromas is once again spreading through the Pálffy Manor House and there is a lively hustle and bustle in the kitchen. We honour the history and traditions that can be felt in the manor house. That is why we bring honest gastronomy. We embrace it with enthusiasm and a modern perspective. As in the days of ancient glory, we now place emphasis on local ingredients and the pairing of flavours. Therefore, In our kitchen we cook mainly from our own grown products, from herbs through vegetables to grape berries, from which VIAJUR wine is made.

Sit back and enjoy a gastronomic experience.


The ARTE Restaurant

Memories and pleasure in every bite. Head Chef Jirka Zajíček and his team present their view of honest cuisine. Taste local ingredients in bold combinations and familiar flavours in breathtaking designs. Boredom has no place behind the doors of ARTE.


The Palatín Tavern

Famous, honest flavours of Austro-Hungarian cuisine as well as traditional dishes typical for the Little Carpathians region. Taste the gastronomy in seasonal versions in the à la carte restaurant Palatín tavern. Enjoy unique flavours with attention to detail in the historical but minimalist premises of a pleasant restaurant in Svätý Jur.


Tasting VIAJUR wines directly in Pálffy’s cellars

Experience the historic atmosphere right in the heart of Pálffy’s cellars, where wine has been made since the 15th century. Take a guided wine tasting with a sommelier and a tour through the modern ViaJur winery, that continues the old wine-making traditions.

Taste VIAJUR wines not only in the historic cellars of Manor house Pálffy but also experience our modern newly-built cellar. During the tour you will watch the film Four Seasons in the Vineyard, showcasing , the heart of the vineyards, the work of winegrowers and winemakers throughout the year.

Degustujte vína VIAJUR priamo v pálffyovských pivniciach. Ocitnite sa na miestach, kde sa víno vyrábalo už od 15. storočia

Our gastronomic premises can be hired for your company and/or private events.

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