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Kaštieľ Pálffy
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Kaštieľ Pálffy
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Pro rege et patria




VIAJUR continues in the exceptional historical narration where the Pálffy Manor House in Svätý Jur plays an important role. It is at this noble location where winegrowers and winemakers have been producing wine since as early as the 15th century. It is therefore our key priority to follow in the traditions and the legacy that have lied dormant in this tale for centuries.

Our VIAJUR winery cultivates the vineyards and grows winegrapes on two estates – Svätý Jur and Farná.The year-round work of our wine-growers provides enough high-quality raw material for the vinery to produce brilliant wine. Both our estates are characterized by their specific terroir reflected in our wines.

Historic cellars

The winery itself is located in the historic cellars of the Kaštieľ Pálffy, the manor of the Pálffy family. We have followed in the tradition of wine production using state-of-the-art technology of grape processing while maintaining the best practices of wine production tested by time. We approach the processing of grapes – the product of winegrowers’ hard work – with utmost respect. Through gentle treatment, we intend to transfer all the sunlight, the terroir and the most natural flavors from the grape berries directly into our wines.



Kaštieľ Pálffy, Prostredná 13/49, Svätý Jur

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Monday - Sunday
12:00 - 20:00

Opening hours are temporary and are subject to the current situation.

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