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Kaštieľ Pálffy
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Korben Dallas in Pálffy Manor

Korben Dallas v Kaštieli Pálffy


An experience you won’t forget!

Korben Dallas will star on 13.6.2024 (Thursday) at 19:00 in the beautiful courtyard of our Pálffy Manor. This Bratislava band, which was founded in 2010, has already had an impressive musical career.

Right under the open sky they will play their special concert, which you cannot miss.
Ticket price is 25€/person (price is the same for everyone).

Don’t miss this special opportunity and experience great music in the unique atmosphere of our manor! Buy your tickets today and get ready for an unforgettable musical experience!

Take advantage of the quantity discount and enjoy the concert with the whole party.

Save money when you buy 5, 10 or 15 tickets together.

Korben Dallas v Kaštieli Pálffy

Their debut album Pekné cesty (2011) was nominated for the Radio_Head Awards and since then their success hasn’t stopped. In 2013, they broke through with their album Karnevalová vrana, which reached number one in the Slovak charts.

Korben Dallas have collaborated with several musicians and have won awards for best album, single and touring band. Their latest album, Move! (2024) brings a new dimension to their musical talent.

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