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The Palatín Tavern

Restaurant Hostinec Palatín

Vážení hostia, tešíme sa na vás v Hostinci Palatín opäť s ponukou konceptu rakúsko-uhorskej gastronómie.

Nové menu budeme ponúkať od 2.februára 2023.
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Restaurant Hostinec Palatín

Traditions, new ideas and an distinctive atmosphere. Ingredients that make every visit to the Palatine Inn restaurant an experience. Dine in a place that has been cheerfully carrying feasts for centuries. Directly above the ancient cellars, where the jewels of the Pálffy Manor House are maturing VIAJUR wine and Pálffy Brauerei beer. You will be enchanted by honest flavours in Svätý Jur, a place where the whiff of culinary specialties is mixed with the aroma of wine.

We look forward to seeing you from TUESDAY to SUNDAY from 9:00 to 22:00

Reservation +421 907 242 548

Food & Wine

Try flavours inspired by Austro-Hungarian cuisine, signed by the chefs of modern times. Not ignoring traditions, we respectfully take from the past the beauty left to us. We took best known recipes into our hands and sensitively gave them a modern form. That’s why you can enjoy dishes that are familiar at first glance, but surprising with each bite. Complemented by the essence of wine that has passed through our hands all the way from grape berries to bottles on your tables.

Reservation +421 907 242 548

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Quality gastronomy is our passion, first-class service is the driving force. Therefore, on daily basis, we treat every single table with respect in order to ensure the greatest possible gastronomic experience and enjoyment. At the Palatín Tavern restaurant, hospitality is guaranteed thanks to our team serving up not only food but also their experience and enthusiasm for what they do.

In the centre of Svätý Jur, behind the gates of the Palffy Manor House, time has stopped only for a moment. Enjoy service and quality at the level of the future. We look forward to seeing you at the Palatín Tavern.



Utorok-Nedeľa 08:00-22:00

+421 907 242 548

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