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The concert of the music legend Iva Bittová in the Palffy Manor House attracted many cultural enthusiasts

Thanks to the cooperation with VIVA MUSICA! Festival we welcomed the legendary Czech artist Iva Bittová to the courtyard of the Pálffy Manor House on Sunday, July 30, 2023. After her successfully sold-out first concert, which took place in Bratislava, we were honoured to host this phenomenal musician in the courtyard of our manor house.

Iva Bittová, a Czech singer, violinist and actress, is known in the music world for her unconventional approach and her work going beyond the boundaries of several styles. The musician at VIVA MUSICA! Festival together with the cellist and composer Anil Eraslan, presented her new musical project What my father sang to me, combining folk songs and culture of Central Europe.

The unbelievable charisma of the legendary musician was being carried throughout the venue.  The visitors had the opportunity to experience a beautiful evening also thanks to the exceptional atmosphere of the Palffy Manor House. The comfort was also taken care of by the staff of our manor house, who did not only have a selection of refreshments from our Snack Menu ready for the visitors, but also homemade pork rind biscuits and sweet roasted popsicles. The visitors could also choose from a wide range of wines from the VIAJUR winery, craft beers from the Pálffy Brauerei brewery and other refreshing drinks from the menu of our Hostinec Palatín restaurant. In addition, a guided wine and beer tasting was prepared before the performance. Thus, we brought the visitors a truly unique and comprehensive experience that our manor house offers.

For fans on social networks, on the Instagram profile of the Pálffy Manor House we had also prepared a competition about a stay in the Imperial Suite associated with this unique concert. We believe that the winner experienced a weekend that they will be happy to remember.

You can already look forward to other events that are being prepared for you in the Pálffy Manor House in Svätý Jur. Follow us on our fan page, where you will find all the latest information.

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